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My Story

I have always been a talker. My mother would get my interim reports and they would always say satisfactory. Yet, the teacher would sneak a comment each time saying “she talks too much”. Instead of my mother forcing this change she embraced it. As I grew my love for stories and the ability to retell the stories with added “umph” and a unique perception helped me excel when it came to writing reports and other papers. I loved to travel, eat and try new things but couldn’t figure out how to share with people all of my new and interesting experiences.  Then I learned about blogging and it blew my mind. I could share my stories and perspective with the world! They could either listen or ignore, which I did not mind. I found my outlet and haven’t looked back since.






Average Girl On the go…

Quirk meets work! As we deal with the everyday personal struggles and the daily social challenges that women (like myself) face in order to be deemed as ‘great’, we sometimes forget to be great to ourselves.  As we get accustomed to the average daily duties, we forget that we are losing our greatest investment: Ourselves.  My goal is to:

  • Help improve your view of yourself by sharing stories regarding various subjects that relate to our day to day selves
  • Show you tips and tools to encourage your own personal development
  • Provide guidance for your personal business and financial desires
  • Promote love of self on a physical, mental and spiritual areas